Michelle Jahn

Is an Artist/Creative based in South Australia

Michelle Jahn is Owner of Exclusive Illuminations specialises in bespoke textile Art. Woven rope on wire frame as as a partition or bedhead, stools, garden sculpture. other artistic shades, made-to-order for ceiling pendants, table and standing lamps. Printed and dyed items napkin and runner, pillows for home makers. Textile jewellery, printed and dyed scarves to adorn you or a gift for other loved ones. Art of all kinds available for your walls as Michelle has excellent drawing skills and loves to paint.

Book a Textile, art workshops for community and parties or professional skills development at studio.

Servicing the home, office or commercial business, my products are handcrafted and unique. Made in Adelaide, South Australia.

I have a great love of fabrics, more than thirty years in the textile arts and a passion for creating beautiful spaces full of light.

In 2010 I brought these aspects together to embark on a new endeavour, to create space through light. Exclusive Illuminations is a passion, an art, craft and sharing with the community.  As a practicing artist, I have a lot of experience including community art projects, installations, exhibitions, conducting a wide variety of workshops, running markets. I believe in working and flourishing together and love being able to bring my client's vision and mine in collaboration.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso.


Artists statement / BIO


Michelle is a re-emerging artist rediscovering her roots and a passion for textiles. She is the first generation not to be a farmer’s daughter and has all the natural abilities to live on the land still, skills that translate beautifully to be an Artist.


“These abilities are to make something out of nothing, working with wire, string, rope and a few tools from the shed and the ladies on the farms would have a sewing machine that they would make or fix their clothes for the house hold needs. So, she finds herself gravitating to using all these skills and breaking all the rules of what is expected of an artist.


A lifelong ambition was realised in 1996 when she had the privilege of working with Aboriginal artist, Bobby Brown.  Working with him facilitated healing of an artist's block she had been experiencing.

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Selected Clients


Alexandrina Council

City of Port Adelaide Enfield, City of Torrens, City of Marion, City of Tea Tree Gully, 

Corporate; National Pharmacy,

Media; Pen to paper,

Latest Exhibitions


Art installation at Message of HOPE at the Hope Valley Reservoir till Christmas Eve.

Thanks Water SA, Bryan Littlely, Artist

Michelle Jahn

The Hope installation will be There for 12 days and I'll be working on it every two days in that time. There is a Chalk board to write you special message of hope if im not there and ill have tags you can write on and attach you wishes of hope. Have a look at all the loveliest messages there already.

#WaterSA #Placemaking #Community #Art

This week; tues 9.00 thurs 1.00 sat 9.00

next week; mon 9.00 wed 9.00.

South Australia


Exhibition "Re-Set" at Joy of Flora. opening Sat 30 Jan. 6.30pm

South Australia



South Australia



South Australia

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QUALIFICATIONS & EDUCATION                                                               

2014      Diploma of Management Ashley Institute of Training

2013      Certificate IV Training & Assessment at DOME

2013      Certificate III Business administration Ashley Institute of Training

2013      Child Safe Environments (reporting child abuse and neglect), Safe                      Place Policy (work place behaviour)

2011      Certificate IV in Small Business Management Brace

2011      Trained by Pamela Helps in the skills of lampshade making.

2009      Communication Skills 1 and 2 The Australian Institute of Professional                  Counsellors

1986 – 1991 Associate Diploma in Fabric Design North Adelaide School of Art                (Leatherwork drawing, design, art history, visual studies, product                          presentation, business studies)


2019      Celebrate Largs Bay Project (Banner design), Urban interventions City                of Charles Sturt and Westside (Co- design Woven fence line).                              Fence line 1855 Gallery City of Tea Tree Gully. (Co- design Woven                        fence line).

2019      Consultancy “Havana Boat House” in Vanuatu (artist retreat) To                            develop production of weaving /printing/lampshades. This involved                    the setup of training venue and logistics running art workshops from                  venue. Consultation of business development for the larger business,                marketing, promotions, distribution and setting up great                                      management practices.

2010 – Present Director of Exclusive illuminations.  www.excusiveilluminations.com.au

              Specialised bespoke shades, made-to-order for the home, office or                    commercial business, products

              are handcrafted and unique. Designing ranges, creating short runs                      and merchandising, marketing, and developing distribution networks                  for retail and other. 

2014 - Present. Art Tutor Exclusive illuminations Managing artistic and cultural                  projects within the community.

              Creating artistic projects that are appropriate to target communities.                  Some workshop that have been offered at studio venue; silk painting,                shades decorated with bark, weaving grasses etc. Indigo dyeing,                        natural dyeing, block printing, fabric jewellery making.

2015      Art Tutor “The Hills Community Options”. Designing and teaching art                workshops for

              persons with disabilities. Teaching art to disability community,                              developing skills, creating class plans, creating market ready products                for community micro enterprise programme. Sourcing appropriate                      events to exhibit and retail client’s art works.

TECHNICAL SKILLS · Dye technology • silk painting •printing with silk screens, block printing and skilled technique in making up the screens. printing fabric yardage with both dye & ink  • sewing & pattern drafting antique pleating

 • art finishes on costumes • soft sculpture & puppetry (three-dimensional) • setting up studios for larger working capacities • leatherwork; application of finer finishes for belts, purses, hats, clothing; leather lace • lampshade maker · software packages; Paint shop pro, • Website management with Wix •  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, Pinterest, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Survey monkey, • designing ranges • manufacturing/making short runs • merchandising  • marketing  • developing distribution networks.