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The opening of the Hope Valley Reservoir was great!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Guys check this out. The opening of the Hope Valley Reservoir today you can use more walking tracks and ride your bikes in there now. It was a lovely morning. This is my work and Bryan Littlely idea. Thanks to Water SA The installation will be There for 12 days and I'll be working on it every two days in that time. There is a Chalk board to write you special message of hope if i'm not there, but ill have tags you can write on and attach you wishes of hope. Have a look at all the loveliest messages there already.

Come join meet writing messages of Hope.

Im resting a bit today, how you doing everyone after the storm came through. The hours ill be back there are below and you can advertise if you like on your socials.

I have tags. maps etc. Ill be there to continue to fill the install with messages of hope and make it more beautiful. Come join me. This week; tues 9.00 thurs 1.00 sat 9.00 next week; mon 9.00 wed 9.00. So have the community fill out the tags and ill put them up. ill drop a stack of tags off for your people if you want.

The opening of the Hope Valley Reservoir

Water SA,

#The opening of the Hope Valley Reservoir #WaterSA

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