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Place-Making at Opening of Hope Valley Reservoir Reserve, for Water SA, Parks and Recreations

community Work, 2023

I’m very proud to be a part of this installation and the people i have met. What an extraordinary day I had at the Hope Valley Reservoir today. I talked to many people who didn’t want their photos taken and the stories were great.

One local told me about a boat that had been dragged through some bush to the water’s edge of the reservoir near whispering wall driven to the middle and set alight. the fiberglass on fire left only a shadow. So lucky the bush didn't go up in fire too. This lady saw it on fire but no people. And that is just one story. true or false it is a great story.

Damp but still beautiful. Hanging out making dragonflies out of rope.

Not as much sunshine and yet the boards and tags are sunnier in their messages.

well-done locals for your contributions. We wanted to hit 2000 on the wall and we hit 500 – 600.

Thanks Water SA, Bryan Littlely, Artist Michelle Jahn   the Hope installation was There for 12 days and I wase working on it every two days in that time. There was a Chalk board to write special message of hope. There were tags you could write on and attach your wishes of hope. And Have a look at all the loveliest messages there already.

#WaterSA #Placemaking #Community #Art

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